British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC)

The GLOSS Delayed Mode Data Centre is operated by the BODC in collaboration with PSMSL. It has the responsibility for assembling, quality controlling and distributing the “final” version of GLOSS sea level data sets, as well as all supporting metadata information (including benchmark details). The Delayed Mode Centre handles hourly (or sub-hourly) sea level measurements, together with ancillary variables (e.g. atmospheric pressure) where these are available, from the GLOSS sites. It generally relies on Member Nations to provide the final version of the hourly (or sub-hourly) time series with all quality control assessments applied and documented. The Delayed Mode Centre will, on request from member nations, form and provide the PSMSL with monthly averages based on the final data sets received.


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GLOSS delayed mode network status at BODC/PSMSL

GLOSS Delayed Mode Network Status at BODC/PSMSL

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