GLOSS Implementation Plan

Find out more about the background information on the programme by reading the GLOSS Implementation Plans. The most recent was published in 2012, however the implementation plans from 1997 and 1990 can also be retrieved from this website - More →

Manuals & guides

Volumes I-V from the IOC Manual on Sea Level Measurement and Interpretation can be retrieved from this website. The volume titles are: ‘Basic procedures’ (I), ‘Emerging technologies’ (II), ‘Reappraisals and recommendations as of year 2000’ (III), ‘An update to 2006’ (IV) and ‘Radar gauges’ (V) - More →


Links to a series of GLOSS-related peer-reviewed papers and reports is provided - More →


GLOSS-related reports include national reports, material gathered during the Group of Experts meetings on GLOSS over the last twenty years, as well as reports on technical missions and training courses across several countries - More →